• Main Screen

  • TV Guide

  • Channel Store

  • TV-player

On the main screen you see a list of your channels. You can edit this list at your discretion.

The main screen allows you to:

  • Search channels or programs by keyword
  • Add channels to your channel list
  • Change the order of channels in your channel list
  • Change the application settings

Content menu helps you to manage your channels and videos.

There are more than 200 TV channels in SPB TV on Android.

Some of the channels are available by subscription. You can see them in your list marked with a lock sign.

The app has a TV-guide.

Set a reminder not to miss a show or a film of your choice. The reminder will be automatically added to your calendar.

Channel Store is a convenient catalog where all the TV channels and videos are stored. The content is categorized by type, genre and language.

You can choose the most interesting channel categories or browse through all the channels in the list.

When you find a preferable channel you can simply add it to your channel list. If the channel is available by subscription, for example as a part of the channel package, you can subscribe to this package right from the app.

You can pause, forward and rewind while watching the video.

While watching you can use picture-in-picture mode to see what is playing on other channels.

“Always on top ” option leaves a small window playing your favorite channel
while you can use other apps on the same screen.

To adjust volume and brightness swipe your finger across the screen:
in the middle to change the volume, on the left to change the brightness.

Stay in touch with your friends while watching SPB TV on Android. Share your experiences though social networks right from the app.

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