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Mobile TV Solution

SPB mobile TV solution enables network operators, broadcasters and content owners to deliver high quality TV watching experiences to multiscreen mobile devices

Network Operators

The increasing penetration of smartphones and the growing demand for mobile TV and video services is bringing new opportunities for network operators worldwide. Mobile operators are investing to data services as a source of future revenue growth, while cable and other fixed- only operators are considering expanding the scope of their businesses to mobile to increase the value of their services and target new customers.

With mobile TV becoming a part of everyday life, SPB TV solution enables telecommunication providers to efficiently and cost-effectively deploy and integrate mobile TV services over existing infrastructure, powering mobile TV viewing experiences across multiplatform devices.

Whether your requirements are to deploy a new service or to enhance the user experience of the existing one, we can provide you with a high quality service that will meet your needs.

Find out how our SPB TV solution for live and on-demand TV delivery can help you to enhance the viewing experience and support to distribute, manage and deliver video content.

Broadcasters and Content Owners

With more and more consumers using their mobile phones as an entertainment devices and audience attention fragmenting, broadcasters and content owners need to adapt to the changing environment to retain their customers and target new audiences. Content providers are facing constant pressure to embrace new technology, while meeting many challenges of entering a new mobile market - which mobile platforms to support, how to make sure content is well delivered and discovered, how to optimize costs and many others.

If you are planning to expand your businesses to mobile and to evaluate mobile market potential, we will support you with high quality, cost-effective solution.

From providing a fully hosted turnkey solution to deliver content to multiscreen devices, to offering a publishing platform to reach mobile users via SPB TV application, we are helping content owners to meet the challenges of highly fragmented and ever-changing mobile market.


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"StarHub has selected SPB TV solution to enhance our mobile TV service as it provides a consisient and improved user experience across multiple mobile platforms. This easy-to-use mobile phone client allows the customer to enjoy the convenience of one-click instant access to the program information, as well as to quickly scan through the different TV channels in our offering to find something interesting to watch."

Mr. Chan Kin Hung
StarHub’s Head of Products and Solutions