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06 October

A world of radio in the palm of your hand

The updated software adds more options for subscribers to pay for content, including an app store-style set up that gives a single price for selected channels, basic bundles, or free channels only.

01 October

Due to smartphone platform competition, software makers now turn to other non-WM platforms

Due to low market shares of Windows Mobile in the last two years, relevant software makers turn to target other platforms. The leading mobile software maker SPB Software is working on products for Android and Symbian that will be launched in the beginning of 2010. SPB TV software already supports several platforms, and a completed solution will be offered during the GSMA Mobile World Congress in February 2010.

24 July

TB без отрыва от производства: возможности SPB TV

Одно из самых популярных современных развлечений — просмотр телевизора. Теперь для этого достаточно иметь в кармане смартфон.

09 July

Mobile TV – Totgesagte leben länger

Artikel Von Sebastian‐Justus Schmidt: "SPB Software wird mit Sicherheit stärker in den Bereich Mobile TV investieren und mit einem flexiblen Angebot für Enduser und Mobile Operatoren den Markt finden".

19 June

New packing for those on the go

The SPB Software products bundles with Traveler 137 are called on to compliment the award-winning hardware by providing an even more fluid and seamless user experience and enabling the Pharos customers to do more with their phone and mobile Internet connectivity.

11 June

SkyLink AnyData ASP-505: быстрый доступ в интернет со SkyTouch от SPB Software

Коммуникатор с быстрым доступом в интернет обладает массой преимуществ по сравнению с прочими. Например, прямо на нем можно смотреть телевизор и, значит, не пропустить матч сборной по футболу, которая играет в неподходящее время.

10 June

SPB TV: over 100 channels of mobile TV in a single application.

Since the creation of the smartphone mobile TV has been an inevitable goal, however until now attempts to launch it have proven unsuccessful. SPB TV represents the best attempt yet. It comes with over 100 TV channels from 17 countries around the world (and a smaller number that can be used permanently in the unregistered demo). It is brilliantly designed, with a carousel that enables you to scroll through the available stations, and a superb picture-in-picture mode that allows you to watch one channel while seeing what else is available…

09 May


O excelenta idee materializata într-un program cu o interfata placuta. Cu o conexiune minimala 3G, momentele de a?teptare devin mult mai placute.

04 February

Fernsehen unterwegs

Unsere TV-Lösung ist nicht nur ein einfacher Streamingplayer. Wir haben gesehen, class die Nutzung von Tv auf Mobilgeräten weit hinter den ursprünglichen Erwartungen zurück-liegt. Und das hat mehrere Gründe. Der häufigste Grund war, dass die Abspielprogramme zu kompliziert zu nutzen sind. Wir haben zunächst als allererstes die Nutzung so einfach gestaltet, wie es ein typischer Heimanwender mit seiner Fernbedienung auch erwartet.