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SPB TV Screenshots

Main Screen

Here is the main screen of the application. Activate the TV channel preview picture to start watching in full screen mode. Under the preview picture you can see the integrated TV guide. Use your hardware buttons to open the full guide for the next few days.

Smartphone Software : SPB TV : Main Screen
Picture-in-picture mode
You can switch between channels without quitting the full screen mode. Enjoy the picture-in-picture feature!

Smartphone Software : SPB TV : Picture-in-picture mode
Full screen mode

In the full screen mode you can recall the on-screen control panel at any time. The on-screen controls will give you quick access to the battery indicator, estimated viewing time, current time, channel switching panel, video quality switcher, volume level controller, backlight level controller, and the exit button.

Smartphone Software : SPB TV : Full screen mode
TV Guide

The integrated TV guide shows you the current and upcoming TV programs. The possibility to make an Outlook reminder, from the TV guide, is also supported.

Smartphone Software : SPB TV : TV Guide
Video-on-demand playlist
Video-on-demand records are shown in a most convenient way with the same program features: picture-in-picture mode, onscreen controls, etc.

Smartphone Software : SPB TV : Video-on-demand playlist
Volume Control

Channel volume can be easily adjusted with the use of hardware buttons.

Smartphone Software : SPB TV : Volume Control
Options. Channels List.

You can select your favorite channels and organize them. Start the list order with the most important channels.

Smartphone Software : SPB TV : Options. Channels List.
Options. Orientation.

You can change the screen orientation to landscape right-handed or landscape left-handed in the full screen mode. Enable 'Stretch video to full screen width' option to use the full width of the screen on Wide VGA devices.

Smartphone Software : SPB TV : Options. Orientation.
Price: Free
Only official ROMs supported
Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard
Windows Mobile 6 Standard
Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone