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SPB TV: Reviews & Awards

Symbian-Guru .com

"I’m quite impressed with Spb TV myself. On the 5800 XpressMusic, it’s really smooth, even on that large display, and the floating touch controls are nicely implemented."
Brigth Hub .com

"We particularly like that the program is simple with its features making it easier to navigate between channels and watch shows with ease."
Cup of Blog

"Very sharp and clear, Great options, great price..... go buy it!

They did a great job by putting channels from all over the world. Obviously channels I do not have on my own cable box and would not have any access too. Good job!"

Movil Zona

El software se ha desarrollado de forma que la imagen esto optimizada para los dispositivos moviles. 

SPB TV is an application designed to enjoy live TV via mobile phone. The software has been developed so that the image is optimized for mobile devices.

NokNok TV

Become a mobile couch potato (if such a thing exists) by downloading this app that gives you access to much more than a TV guides worth of subscription-free television channels.
Gear Diary

"Spb TV is one of those showcase programs that demonstrate how versatile a smartphone can be. It’s great for passing the time with on short commutes, but equally useful if you want to have the news running in the background and you don’t have a secondary display or Windows Sideshow."
Nokia Users

The SPB TV app literally brings a world of live television into view through your Nokia Symbian smartphone.
All about Symbian .com

"Spb TV brings much the same experience to your phone, except that the channel number is raised again, to a massive 100 or so. That's a lot of potential viewing."
Symbian France .com

"SPB TV m’a totalement séduit, je dirais que c’est un Must Have."
Nokia Mobile blog

"Spb TV is a really nice and complete pice of software, it definitively makes your phone more interesting and useful. It has a good looking interface, plenty of channels and some fancy functions like TV Guide and alarms for schedualed shows."
Best of Symbian

"There are 105 channels from more than 17 countries being streamed live in several languages and there should be something for everyone. The channel preview is well done, which changes the thumbnails used in the preview frequently from the latest streams available...I am very impressed with Spb TV."
All About Symbian

About a hundred channels of live TV, of international flavour, all available on demand on your phone? Sounds too good to be true? Not really - and quality's acceptable too.
Forum Nokia

Overall, I was very impressed with SPB TV, and also enjoyed using the HDMI connector to display it on my large screen TV at home. As SPB continues to add channels, it will become even more useful and valuable to user like me.
Phone Report

"...this is one of the best applications for S60 v3 in the market today."
Symbian-Life Blog

"It works absolutely flawlessly! There are easily over 80 channels, I got tired of counting and so this is pretty much an estimate. Each and every channel has a program guide… just hit the options soft key and you’ll see the option."
Price: Free
S60 5th Edition
S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2
S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1