28 / April / 2020

Smart Home services within mobile operator’s business ecosystem

Smart home is a futuristic dream that came true: this technology is rapidly moving from theory to practice. How can mobile operators take advantage of this opportunity?

Smart Home services within mobile operator’s business ecosystem

What is Smart Home?

Smart Home is a home equipped with a special platform enabling owners to remotely control and program automated home electronic devices. Smart Home offers a variety of new applications as home automation, e-Health services, security and monitoring services.

SPB TV Rosing platform supports both Bluetooth Low Energy and ZigBee protocols and enables ultimate interconnection of the whole smart ecosystem: entertainment system, lightning, home appliances, security system, healthcare monitoring. 

Why mobile operators should take advantage of this opportunity?

Mobile operators are well-positioned to capture value from Smart Home services. And here are two reasons why:

1. Operators’ broadband Internet gateways is the way to contrubute a customer the option of connecting various devices in home. Interoperable solutions based on open models can allow heterogeneous Smart Home solutions to interconnect.

2.Operators have at their disposal a significant asset: existent customer relationship multiplied by sales force, shop networks, support capacity and network management capabilities.

While mobile Internet and entertainment services have opened user’s door, Smart Home technologies is a way to literally step into user’s house. Grasping the Smart Home opportunity is essential for mobile operators as it takes business to a new level.

Including Smart Home services to mobile operator’s ecosystem will help to:

  • stay relevant at the market;
  • increase earning potential;
  • increase customers loyalty;
  • open new partnering options;
  • meet with customers evolving needs;
  • reach out new audiences.