03 / August / 2020

Survey 2020 Results

Every year SPB TV conducts online survey among users of its own TV service and partner projects in order to find out viewers’ opinions and expectations of interaction with the service. This year was outstanding for people around the world, and - yes, it infuenced everybody. What happened to viewing? How audience changed? The answers in our survey.

Survey 2020 Results

We asked 10 000 viewers of our TV service and services created on the base of SPB TV Rosing platform about their habits, lifestyle and viewing preferences.

Our main findings reveal how pandemic impacted on the age of audience, what devices viewers use to watch video content and how do they choose what to watch.

For more facts and statistics download the full survey.

Survey results are the key factors that help TV operators, telecommunications and media companies effectively meet the challenges the OTT TV market faces today.

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