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VOKA video service on BelZhD trains

In December 2020, SPB TV and A1 launched a video service for passengers of the operator of the Belarusian railway network BelZhD. This is a large-scale national project, thanks to which the passengers of BelZhD have access to hundreds of popular films from the A1 video library. The A1 project is the first case of using the Rosing OTT platform for video services at transport facilities.

Видеосервис VOKA в поездах БелЖД

Creating such a solution, it was especially important to ensure the autonomy and stability of video playback.

Thanks to the flexibility and modular architecture of the Rosing platform, SPB TV managed to meet the customer technical requirements and launch a full-fledged OTT video service for passengers of BelZhD intercity trains.

The solution includes software for preparing video streams for broadcast, a platform for adaptive streaming within the train, CMS and CRM systems for content management, as well as a service for collecting statistics and analytics.

To launch the video service, 1 physical server is required that provides uninterrupted service operation in every point of the train route.  The hardware model was selected based on the minimum technical requirements, and the final server configuration may vary depending on the load and volume of the video service content.

The service does not require constant access to the Internet and additional equipment for transcoding video streams on the train: all films have already been converted into the required format and are stored on the train server.

The technological solution allows you to increase the amount of content on the server and add not only video, but also audio content, graphic images and text files to the service catalog.

The video service is available free of charge for all passengers of BelZhD trains immediately after connecting to the train's internal network.

However, the SPB TV Rosing system allows you to implement or change the monetization model in accordance with business objectives. For the BelZhD service, coupons, vouchers, promotional codes can be sold through via personnel without an Internet connection, or the introduction of online payment for access by connecting to networks with lower bandwidth than is usually required for content broadcasting.

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