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Belt and Road TV

Belt and Road TV is an international OTT TV service with the unique TV collection available for free. The service is multiscreen and accessible anywhere and on every device connected to the Internet. Belt and Road TV broadcasts live TV channels, movies and series from leading media holdings in China including CCTV, SMG and International Radio of China.

The service works on mobile devices and computers in three languages: Russian, English and Chinese.

Belt and Road TV

The creation of the Belt and Road TV service is an achievement of the long-term interaction between SPB TV and Chinese media companies. The new OTT-service was launched on the multifunctional OTT TV platform SPB TV Rosing for further development and coverage of the events within the One Belt and One Road initiative.

The SPB TV Rosing solution for Belt and Road TV includes a platform for transcoding and broadcasting of TV and video streams; a content delivery network with the load balancing settings, tools for content management, subscriptions and customer relationship; services for statistics and business intelligence; client applications for web, iOS and Android.

The SPB TV Rosing platform enables the broadcasting of the multimedia channel Panda TV over the internet. Panda TV is the flagship Internet project of the CCTV group about life of wild pandas and natural attractions in China. 200 million viewers watch Panda TV on satellite broadcasting.

International OTT TV service Belt and Road TV offers:

  • Live TV and VoD channels from any source (satellite, antenna or cable);
  • Availability on computers, smartphones and tablets;
  • Interactive TV program;
  • Cross-cutting search engine for content across the service;

The service is available worldwide, but it has the biggest  success in Russia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.

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