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Dantser TV

OOO Dantser is a telecom provider that offers Internet connection and cable and interactive TV in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. The subscriber base of the provider comprises about 10,000 users. The provider has been steadily developing and expanding its coverage area that includes both big towns, such as Nizhnevartovsk, Kogalym or others, and small municipalities (Izluchinsk, Strezhevoy).

The launch of Dantser TV, OTT TV service, in 2018 marked an important milestone for company growth and increase in the user base. The new service is based on SPB TV Rosing platform and includes all the components necessary for starting an OTT TV service from scratch: transcoding and live streaming of TV channels and video content, middleware tools, CMS, CRM, billing, analytics, and client applications.

The solution was delivered as a PaaS and deployed on SPB TV’s own cloud service, which ensured a quick start for Dantser TV and yielded a consistent competitive advantage to the provider. Presently, Dantser subscribers of the unlimited data plan can access over 190 TV channels from any mobile device under iOS or Android, on the website, and on TVs, either smart TVs or conventional TVs equipped with Android AOSP-based SPB TV Home solution.

Данцер ТВ

The incorporation of the latter is an important aspect of Dantser OTT TV service. The specific features of media consumption in the Russian provinces (in particular, the fact that the majority of the population still use conventional TV sets in the framework of the ongoing analog TV shutdown) are among the major reasons why set-top boxes for converting digital TV signal are in high demand. To date, about 1,100 Dantser subscribers are already using SPB TV STBs at home, which makes approximately 10% of entire provider’s user base, and much more installations are coming.

The feature-rich Android TV-based solution includes a set-top box and an exclusive RCU that allows personalized viewing; the vast capabilities of the product, too, make it attractive and promising for end users. Further on, as viewers’ demands grow and extend, the provider will be able to expand its range of services: the IoT support implemented in SPB TV Home solution backs the prospective use of the STB as a hub for bringing together smart home devices and creating a smart home ecosystem. SPB TV Home software gets regular updates (every 2 weeks), whereupon the solution consistently meets user needs in the product and continuously improves.

The use of innovative solutions engineered by SPBTV has determined why Dantser is able to defy competition with large or federal telecom service providers and steadily increase its subscriber base and coverage area. As for SPBTV, this was the first time we partnered with a regional provider, and it showed that our team is ready to deliver an end-to-end solution and launch an OTT TV platform within the shortest possible period of time.

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