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SPB TV Rosing for online conferences

Key Buyers Event: Digital edition is the first online content market in Russia. Roskino company, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Government of Moscow, is holding this event to promote Russian content on the international market. The Key Buyers Event: Digital edition conference took place from June 8 to June 15, 2020. The technology platform for Key Buyers Event: Digital edition was developed and supported by SPB TV.

In 2019, the conference was held “physically”, but because of the pandemic, a new approach was required. Since this is the first event of this kind, there was no ready-made technical solution for it.

An environment for storing and demonstrating video content, an event management platform, and additional tools for communicating and conducting participants' presentations were created in record time - 2 months.

The task was to create a service with various opportunities for participants to interact, as well as to create a solution with a minimum broadcast delay and the immediate elimination of any technical problems during the event.

The basis for creating a service that could support the smooth operation of the conference was the flexible content delivery platform, SPB TV Rosing, commonly used to provide OTT / IPTV services. To form the appropriate technological solution, customization of client applications and a change in the configuration of the platform was required. In addition to content management systems, such an event needs additional settings for networking and feedback.

For this event, the Roskino Company assembled a unique video library. Therefore, the security of video storage and transmission was a priority: premium content, films not yet released or even not edited were protected using the most reliable storage technologies, as well as industry-specific DRM systems.

Users were divided into 4 categories with 4 different types of access: buyers, sellers, journalists and producers. Each of the categories received separate profiles with various parameters inside the service.

An electronic schedule of sessions and shows based on EPG (digital TV guide) gave all participants the opportunity to follow the events in each zone and draw up a personal plan for each day.

Using all these functions, each visitor to the digital content market could easily and comfortably communicate with partners, connect to online discussions, pitches and, of course, study the library of Russian content.

Key Buyers Event: Digital edition was “visited” by more than 1,400 participants, from 70 countries.


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