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Soyo is the first Cambodia’s online VOD service offering an extensive library of films and TV shows specifically curated, dubbed, and subtitled in Khmer for Cambodian audience.

The service was launched in July, 2017 for Sabay Digital Corporation, a multi-platform content provider from Cambodia. The company, aimed at “helping customers get the most out of the online revolution”, was looking for a reliable OTT platform (Rosing url) as a base for a branded video service that would compete with Netflix in the local market. Sabay selected SPB TV, supplier of complex technical OTT solutions, as its partner who would be able to meet all technical and business requirements and prepare the service for a commercial launch within a month.

Soyo is now available on three major platforms, web, Android and iOS, and is also supported on Chromecast and AirPLay devices. The service offers flexible subscription options, so users can choose between daily, weekly or monthly subscription, with some content provided for free. The billing system supports various payment options, including mobile payments. Subscribed users have access to thousands of hours of entertainment videos in Khmer language. What appeals most to the audience is that the service features a vast variety of Cambodian-made shows as well as Thai and South Korean TV dramas and movies. Also, the service will work closely with local film makers and producers to grow the local film industry and thus opens attractive opportunities for local producers. Sabay Digital has its own Internet infrastructure (IDC) for local streaming.


About Sabay Digital: Sabay Digital Corporation is the leading digital media and entertainment group in Cambodia. Formed in 2007, it combines several brands that bring to Cambodia online and mobile gaming, movies, infrastructure, content platforms, and more. Their portfolio also includes Sabay News, the most visited Khmer website.

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