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26 / February / 2013

SPB TV and Tafi Media Launch Global Ad Server to Reach SPB TV’s 25 Million Viewers

(February 26, 2013) BARCELONA - SPB TV, a provider of technology solutions for mobile, IP and OTT TV has joined forces with Tafi Media, an international mobile TV advertising agency, to launch a global OTT and Mobile TV Ad Server. The server is a one-stop shop for ad space on the TV services of SPB TV and its partners, with an overall customer base of over 25 million subscribers. The deal follows a year of collaboration between the two companies, which saw Tafi Media arrange successful ad campaigns for large advertising aggregators including Video International, Smaato, Inneractive andTaptica.

At MWC 2013, the two companies will be introducing a new Ad Server that can be reached at The server allows any company or person to easily launch a campaign on the SPB TV multi-screen service, set targeting and pricing parameters and track the impact of the messages. It features an intuitive user interface, a system of real-time bidding and supports VAST (Video Ad Serving Template), the industry standard for video advertising developed by IAB, which ensures video advertising playback across all VAST-compliant video players. SPB TV supports banner and video ads, both pre rolled and in-stream.

“The advertising model was long ago established as the most straightforward and effective model of monetizing video content in broadcast,” explains CEO of SPB TV Kirill Philippov. “But for OTT and mobile TV, where most providers are used to paid subscriptions, it still seems new and challenging. We are convinced that highly-targeted advertising is the best way to maximize TV service revenues and provide premium TV content to the subscribers for free. And in proving this, we have great confidence inTafi Media, a company with a unique track-record and expertise in OTT TV advertising.”

SPB TV’s comprehensive targeting options combined withTafi Media’s expertise bring astonishing resultsfor both large multinational brands like Nokia and small local businesses.Over 20 TV channels have agreed to provide their content to SPB TV with no subscription fees but monetized through targeted ads.

SPB TV and Tafi Media Launch Global Ad Server to Reach SPB TV’s 25 Million Viewers

About SPB TV

SPB TV is one of the world’s leading providers of end-to-end OTT TV, IP TV and mobile TV solutions for video content delivery to multi-screen devices: mobile, tablet, desktop and TV. SPB TV solutions are integrated by the largest mobile operators, including MTS, Beeline, MegaFon, StarHub, BSNL and other device manufacturers and content owners around the world. SPB TV is a winner of many prestigious awards in multiple categories, including CSI Awards, TV Technology Europe STAR Awards, Russian Mobile VAS Awards, Mobile Entertainment Awards, Google Developer Challenge, and others. SPB TV mobile TV app – the company’s own OTT TV service – is available across all mobile platforms and numbers more than 20 million users worldwide.

About Tafi Media

Tafi Media is a global mobile advertising agent for SPB TV. It offers access to over 22 million mobile and PC users worldwide and enable brands to extend their reach and drive measurable results through display advertising campaigns. With a minimum of 10% CTR Tafi Media could offer creating the campaign with a high involvement of the end users. Among Tafi Media’s partners Smaato, Inneractive, Taptica , Video International, Nokia and other advertising aggregators and brands.

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