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23 / January / 2014

New Amediateka, new platforms, new television series

Moscow, Russia, Jan. 23, 2014 – Amedia TV in partnership with SPV TV has unveiled a new version of the Amediateka online service:

New Amediateka, new platforms, new television series.

Amediateka is the largest online service providing licensed premium TV series produced by the world’s leading studios (HBO, Showtime, Starz, CBS, Fox, Sony, Warner Brothers and ABC Studios) on the Russian internet.

In January, Amedia TV in partnership with SPB TV released an updated edition of Amediateka. “We have completed the trial period for the first Amediateka version and are nearing our goal of perfect online cinema, which we had from the very start,” ” said Vitaly Studitskih, Amedia TV’s general director.  

“We wanted to screen our collection of the world’s top-rated series as soon as possible, legally and in good quality with good dubbing, simultaneously with their American premieres.

Half a year was enough to understand service’s main problems, to get feedback from users and to perfect a new version of Amediateka.” The project’s technical development began in March 2013 and in three months, after the efforts of a team of 35 people, Amediateka began servicing its first users. The new Amediateka is an intuitive, easy-to-use, updated service with a new design and improved technological solutions.

 All the technological solutions were developed by SPB TV. The application’s interface is now easier to use. The company’s specialists replaced the player as well; the new player does not require installing additional plugins and suggests a choice of video-quality levels. Now users can choose the quality of video or have the quality automatically adjust to the quality of the internet connection.Besides improving the online service itself, developers have increased the number of platforms supported for viewing. Easy-to-use programs for viewing high-quality content are available to all users of Android and iOS devices, social networks, the Afisha site as well as Samsung and Phillips smart TVs.

Users can connect up to five devices simultaneously without any additional payments.

In the nearest future, the service will be released for other smart TVs and, by the end of year, on PlayStation and Xbox.
At the moment Amediateka’s catalog consists of more than 1,500 hours of quality content, and in 2014 users will receive access to at least 18 premieres, including new seasons of hits such as Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, The Newsroom and True Blood.

In January, viewers were presented with four premieres: Black Sails – a new masterpiece from the Game of Thrones and Transformers creators; True Detective – a detective drama with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson; Banshee, second season – a story of a talented fraud who has become a sheriff, from the creators of such series as Six Feet Under and True Blood; Girls, third season – adventures of girls in a big city, the response to Sex and the City from actress, scriptwriter and film director Lena Danem.

At users' request an English audio track has been added to Amediateka for watching television series in their original language. “We tried to make even more modern, user-friendly and dynamic,” says SPB TV’s general director Kirill Filippov. “We hope that all these changes will boost legal viewing in our country.”
Amediateka: figures and facts

– More than 110,000 users have watched Amediateka since June 2013 – taken all together the total number of hours viewed would add up to 11 years.
– 30 percent of sessions are viewed from mobile devices.


Amediateka is the biggest online service of the world's best series on the Russian internet.

The project started in June 2013, and in January 2014, a new version – Amediateka 1.0 – was released.

The one platform brings together all the big hits from the world’s leading studios:

HBO, Showtime, Starz, CBS, Fox, Sony, WB, ABC studios and other.

More than 60 series and 200 films are being shown on Amediateka.
Amediateka is available via computer and laptop browsers as well as through smart TVs and iOS and Android devices.

Amediateka users get access to online broadcasts of Amedia Premium HD and Amedia 1 TV channels.The subscription price is 299 rubles a month.

About SPB TV

SPB TV is one of the world's leading providers of end-to-end OTT TV, IP TV and mobile TV solutions for video content delivery to multi-screen devices. SPB TV's solutions for mobile TV are implemented by major mobile operators, including MTS, Beeline and StarHub, and have received recognition from mobile device producers the world over.

SPB TV developed the Amediateka Project, marking a breakthrough in the distribution of high-quality legal video content in Russia, as well as providing the project's technical support for the Amedia company. The high quality of the company's technological solutions has been honored by numerous prestigious international awards, including the CSI Awards, the TV Technology Europe STAR Awards, the Russian Mobile VAS Awards, the Mobile Entertainment Awards, the Google Developer Challenge and others. The company's user application, SPB TV, is available on all mobile operating systems, and its viewing audience has reached 30 million worldwide.