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05 / June / 2012

SPB TV Survey Shows Increase in Time Subscribers Spend Watching Mobile TV and Robust Demand for Service Quality

June 5th, 2012 – SPB TV (SPB TV trademark), the leading provider of technology solutions for mobile and OTT TV, announced today the results of SPB TV Survey, that was held from April 24th till May 15th 2012 and aimed to discover the main tendencies in mobile TV consumer behavior and perception of the service. The survey has polled 47 000 respondents from different countries and continents involving mobile TV users and other mobile applications fans.

To make the participation easier for the mobile users from different countries, the survey was conducted in several languages: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese.

“We discovered that, with the growing amount of offers, mobile TV users become really demanding; instead of an amusing app they expect a high-quality service, providing stable playback and exciting TV content. But in response consumers can grant a real loyalty confirmed with a long-term subscription and a great deal of time spent watching mobile TV,” says Kirill Philippov, CEO of SPB TV.

Survey key findings include:

• Mobile TV watching time
The average duration of mobile TV watching was perhaps the most surprising result. 36% of SPB TV Survey respondents usually watch TV on their mobile devices over 30 minutes uninterruptedly, and 23% say they normally play it for 20 to 30 minutes. The majority of respondents (39%) watch mobile TV several times a day, another 27% - several times a week. On these grounds, we can assume that mobile TV has become a convenient service which is even capable to replace traditional TV for some people. This supposition is strengthened by 60% of respondent, who said they mostly watch mobile TV at home.

• Mobile TV most appreciated qualities
The survey uncovered that most of all mobile TV subscribers appreciate such features as freedom to shift between different types of internet connections: Wi-Fi, 3G, Edge, LTE, etc. (57% of the respondents find this feature crucial); quality of video provided (50%), price of the service (49%), availability of local channels (44%), and general amount of channels (43%). Usability of application is also a very important factor - just 4% of the respondents don’t pay attention to this factor.

• Content preferences
As for the content preferred, Movies&Series is the users’ favorite channel category, for both live and on-demand TV; it is followed by Travel&Discovery programs and News. 51% of the participants stated that they would subscribe to premium content of their interest if made available through mobile TV. So channels subscription seems to be a promising way of service monetization.

• Price expectations
Most of the respondents (28%) are ready to pay $1-5 for the mobile TV service per month (all expenses included). In some countries, like the USA, Spain and Argentina, price expectations are higher - $5-10, while in others, like India, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, people would pay just up to $1. The majority (48%) of those respondents who are willing to pay for the mobile TV service choose 1 month as the most convenient subscription period, while 22% would subscribe for even a longer time.

• Multi-screen TV Horizons
When asked about other TV-enabled devices they use, respondents marked out Internet connected TV sets (43% watch them often) and desktops (30%), but smartphones still won with 56% rate. Speaking of paid TV subscriptions, the SPB TV Survey participants have those mostly on mobile devices (40%), as well as on cable (24%) and satellite TV (15%). According to the survey results most of the consumers take the best out of each device’s potential. In this situation, the multi-screen TV strategy seems to be most welcome.

Three SPB TV Survey participants have been randomly chosen to get valuable "thank you" gifts. They have received the emails with the instructions on how to obtain their prizes.

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