Press - 2013

28 / August / 2013

SPB TV Upgrades its iOS Application

SPB TV, one of the world’s leading end-to-end service providers of OTT TV, IP TV and mobile TV solutions for video content delivery, is releasing a thoroughly updated, new version of its iOS application, SPB TV 5 iOS. This application makes it possible to view the over 120 licensed and legal channels.

The app has become more attractive, and easier to use. While choosing a channel, it’s possible to view more logos simultaneously – up to 9 on a vertical screen, and even more in «landscape», or horizontal mode. The interface has also been completely revamped: it now provides an amazing sense of depth, while continuing to be intuitively user-friendly. This new design makes search and control functions more convenient, and faster.

“We had a perfect feedback from our testing users who liked very one function most: before, the application enabled users to view only one channel in the preview mode. Now, 5 windows with «live» images open on an iPhone screen, and even more on iPad.” said Fedor Ezhov, Chief Operations Officer of SPB TV.

The new electronic TV listing also deserves attention. While, if earlier it displayed the schedule of only one channel at a time, now it has become consolidated. Increasing the capabilities of its size means that more items can be viewed at the same time. Together with smart search, video-on-demand and a store-like channel catalogue the new release is set out for new customers groups.

The new SPB TV5 iOS is available at the Apple store for free download.


Media contact: Denis Perepelitsyn
Head of PR and Communications
+7 968 766 17 68