Press - 2021

03 / March / 2021

SPB TV and the NTRC of Uzbekistan sign an agreement on the distribution of content in the Uzbek language throughout Russia and the CIS

In accordance with the signed agreement, the content in the Uzbek language will be officially – and for the first time ever – placed on TV platforms in both Russia and the CIS countries. The HD-quality content will be available on various kinds of devices, including all types of mobile screens, tablets, PCs and SmartTVs that support the newest DRM technologies. The total audience in all distribution zones is expected to be at least 2.5 million viewers.

At the first stage, the end users will have access to 12 channels (covering news, sports and entertainment) of the National TV and Radio Company of Uzbekistan. Viewers will be able to use the electronic program guide (EPG), catch-up ("video archive"), timeshift ("delayed viewing") and other online media functions.

Thanks to the built-in-tag technology of replacing advertisements, each regional broadcaster will be able to broadcast commercials that meet the needs of their audience.

The NTRC broadcasting network includes 14 all-Uzbekistan TV and radio channels, as well as 12 local TV and radio companies broadcasting in various regions of the country. Among them is a round-the-clock information and analytical TV and radio channel that covers both national and foreign news.

It is also worth noting that, in 2018, the NTRС was the first (in the Central Asian region and the entire post-Soviet space) to launch a round-the-clock ultra-high-definition 4K channel, Lux TV.

Today, the NTRC of Uzbekistan continues its dynamic development and keeps on successfully establishing itself in the media services market. In 2021, Uzbekistan television will celebrate its 65th anniversary.

Alisher Khadzhayev, Chairman of the National Television and Radio Company of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

"In recent years, video content has found its way to mobile devices. Every day, more and more people are switching to OTT video hosting services and streaming platforms. Smartphones and tablets make it possible for us to watch "Rodnoye TV" on the road and during the short and long business trips that we make to either neighboring or faraway countries. Our agreement with SPB TV opens up new opportunities for the content made in the Uzbek language: now we can learn new things, share our projects and communicate with like-minded people."

Kirill Filippov, CEO of SPB TV:

"Our partner, the NTRC, is the absolute leader in the production of TV content in the Uzbek language. According to official statistics, more than 2 million citizens of Uzbekistan are now permanently residing in Russia. For a long time, this audience's had no opportunity to watch content in their native language. Our agreement with the NTRC solves this problem. I am sure that high-quality and diverse content in the Uzbek language will be in demand and will open up new prospects for monetization."

SPB TV is a leading provider of technology solutions for digital television and online cinema services. SPB TV technologies are used by telecom operators and media companies in many countries around the world. The Research and Development center of SPB TV group of companies is a resident of Skolkovo Innovation Center.

The National Television and Radio Company (NTRC) of Uzbekistan – on November 8, 2005, the TV- and Radio-Broadcasting Company of Uzbekistan was reorganized into the NTRC of Uzbekistan that gave rise to the formation of the following state-financed unitary enterprises: "Uzbekistan" TV and Radio Channel (based on "Uzbekiston" TV channel and "Uzbekiston" radio), "Sport" TV and Radio Channel (based on "Sport" TV channel) and "Tashkent" TV and Radio Channel (based on "Toshkent" TV channel and "Dustlik" radio), " "Yoshlar" TV and Radio Company" Joint-Stock Company (based on "Yoshlar" TV channel and "Yoshlar" radio channel; 50% shares of " "Yoshlar" TV and Radio Company" JSC is owned by the state, while the other 50% are considered to be owned by the Youth Union of Uzbekistan; the right to control the state shares was delegated to the NTRC of Uzbekistan); as well as Republican Television Center, Republican House of Broadcasting and Recording, and Nukus TV and Radio Center were unified into "Republican TV and Radio Center" State Unitary Enterprise (Respublika teleradiomarkazi); "Uzbektelefilm" Studio was reorganized into "Uzbektelefilm" State Unitary Enterprise (O'zbektelefilm)[3]. On March 31, 2006, the International Radio of Tashkent was closed. On December 13, 2013, the NTRC of Uzbekistan launched Oilaviy and Diyor TV channels . In 2017, Toshkent radio station was closed, and O'zbekiston 24 radio station was launched on its frequency.