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25 / December / 2020

NTRC of Uzbekistan Now Has New OTT Service

SPBTV signed an agreement with Uzbekistan's National Television and Radio Company (NTRC), the national state-owned TV- and radio-broadcasting network of the Republic of Uzbekistan, to create a multi-screen OTT TV service for broadcasting the company's content.

This is the first full-fledged cloud solution based on Uztelecom's own data center, as well as the first case of Uzbekistan's state broadcaster using Russian software.

The solution includes components and technologies necessary for the stable delivery of video and audio to any device, including all types of mobile screens, tablets, PCs and SmartTV. It also supports branded apps and content protection technologies.

Users of the service will be able to watch linear TV channels, live broadcasts and benefit from the video-on-demand feature.

The NTRC broadcasting network includes 14 all-Uzbekistan TV and radio channels, as well as 12 local TV and radio companies broadcasting in various regions of the country. Among them is a round-the-clock information and analytical TV and radio channel that covers both national and foreign news. The service will also broadcast TV channels aimed at children and teenagers, as well as theme-based channels covering such areas as culture, history, tourism, sports, education (in particular, learning foreign languages), etc.

It is also worth noting that, in 2018, the NTRŠ” was the first company in the Central Asian region and the entire post-Soviet space to launch a round-the-clock ultra-high-definition 4K-Lux TV channel.

Today, the company continues to expand its activities, while undergoing development and successfully asserting its positions in the global media services market.

In 2021, Uzbekistan television will celebrate its 65th anniversary.

The state-owned national television- and radio-broadcasting network of the Republic of Uzbekistan: as of December 2016, the NTRC's broadcasting network is comprised of 12 TV channels, 4 radio channels and 12 regional TV and radio companies. Broadcasting is conducted in analog- and digital broadcasting formats. Satellite and Internet broadcasting is also available. Year of foundation: 1991.

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