Digital TV and Video Advertising

SPB TV offers a win-win approach for both TV providers and advertisers. With the set of SPB TV advertising technologies TV and video services can easily generate extra revenue streams, while advertisers and brands receive advanced tools to improve ROI of their video marketing.

OTT TV Advertising

Television traditionally was expensive and attractive environment for advertisers. The introduction of licensed internet TV services transforms television to a flexible and measurable platform which wider range of brands can afford.

SPB TV Ad Exchange

Any project powered by SPB TV can connect to the SPB TV Ad Exchange platform, which uses VPAID, MRAID and VAST standards to publish video ads over OTT TV. With these technologies videos and banners are shown to end-users while TV channels, movies or series load.

Dynamic Ad Insertion

SPB TV has developed its own ads detection technology that allows recognizing, removing, inserting and tracking advertisements within the television stream. This makes SPB TV Ad Expert a unique one-stop-shop solution for the accurate substitution of the commercial broadcast based on the user’s location, gender and age.

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TV-specific Targeting

The system gathers complete information about viewers, their preferences and habits, locations, sessions, content, traffic and more. Based on this data SPB TV Ad Expert leverages existing targeting options and forms TV-specific targeting parameters. Advertising with SPB TV operators and brands are able address better-defined target groups with narrowly targeted and even personal ads.

Real-time Monitoring

Advertisers can upload files with their commercials to Ad Expert prior to start of campaigns to get notified about first ad impressions on TV. Thus, they always know where and when their ads reach best performance and can modify media plans in real time.

Improve ROI

SPB TV ad performance reports include impressions, conversions, average time the advertisement was displayed, platform preferences and more. Knowing how users are engaging with your ad, you easily can compare “viewability” with targeting parameters and constantly improve your advertising ROI.

SPB TV Rosing provided us with stable playback and the highest video quality – even in remote areas of Kazakhstan. We can offer TV and video subscriptions ...

Leshchenko S., Head of Department of media business development

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