Android TV Box – Small and Powerful

SPB TV offers an Android TV set-top box for personalized TV viewing experience on a large screen. SPB TV Home comes together with the unique remote control for easy channel browsing and switching.

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  • SPB TV Home – the ultimate solution for in-home TV viewing features a TV-box and a uniquely designed remote control. Discover a splendid graphical user interface and impressive performance – all incorporated in a very small, convenient and affordable device.

  • The Android TV box features a powerful ARM Quad Core processor and Mali 450 GPU, as well as Ethernet port and Wi-Fi+Bluetooth connectivity. SPB TV Home comes with an exclusively designed Bluetooth LE enabled remote (RCU).

  • TV-box with “nano” form-factor
  • Bluetooth Remote Control
  • AOSP or Android TV
  • Certified by Google

Exclusive remote for personal viewing

Exclusively designed Bluetooth LE enabled remote combines general TV functions with advanced content discovery and personal TV controls. It comprises the touch "magic" wheel with a capacity sensor which allows you to run through an extensive content collection in a blink of an eye. SPB TV Home remote controls the basic features of TV-sets, regardless of the brand. The solution also integrates a VoIP client.

Proprietary Technology

SPB TV Home features a customizable PUSH-notification system and hardware profile buttons. With SPB TV Home, each family member can set his or her personal profile that is accessible with one press of a button. These technologies have international patents and can be used exclusively in SPB TV Home set-top boxes.

Lite Package

SPB TV Home is a flexible solution and can be packed depending on your technical and business demands. The lite package features an RCU paired with the client software, and makes purchasing of a hardware box unnecessary.

Nextgen Solution for Personal TV at Home

Set-top Boxes for Your OTT and IPTV services


SPB TV Home can be powered by Android Open Source Project. With AOSP on board, your TV service benefits from the highly regarded operating system and at the same time can be integrated with the third party Android application store.

SPB TV Home M2: Android TVTM

SPB TV Home is an official Android TV set-top box made by SPB TV experts. It’s the first Google certified device in Russia. Leverage your TV service with the certified Android device and ensure the security and performance to your subscribers.

SPB TV Home M3: OTT/DVB Hybrid

SPB TV Home covers the most popular digital TV standards like DVB-T2/C/S2. With the hybrid TV box you will be able to utilize the existing infrastructure, minimize operating costs and offer additional value to your cable TV subscribers.

SPB TV Home Overview


"We have done an extensive research into the market before launching MTS TV and evaluated many ..."

Pavel Roytberg, Internet Projects Director, MTS Group

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