Cutting edge technologies to drive your business over the top

SPB TV builds a bridge between operators, media companies and advertisers to help them communicate with their clients and each other. We make video an accessible experience for everyone, everywhere, on every screen, on any device.

Launch your own OTT/ IPTV service in just 2 weeks

From scratch with our turnkey solution: unbeatable time to market, professional and comprehensive UI, complete package of middleware tools and features, business analytics and more.

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Boost your revenue with video advertising

We cover the complete ad lifecycle in-stream: insert, detect, track, replace, or remove video commercials, all while collecting extensive analytical information for impeccable targeting.

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Save time and money with our transcoding solution

The fully scalable software-based transcoding solution processes various input formats, supports a wide range of codecs, and provides for smooth live video streaming to any type of device.

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Add a personal touch to home viewing experience

Our OTT/IPTV solution can be driven Home and turned into an ecosystem with IoT support: we provide an Android TV box and an exclusive RCU that are fully integrated into our platform.

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