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SPB TV Ad Expert is a breakthrough solution that bridges OTT TV providers with advertisers and brands. Advertising with SPB TV, you can easily drive digital TV revenues and increase your marketing ROI.

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SPB TV Ad Expert

  • SPB TV Ad Expert is now a unique one-stop-shop solution for generating new revenue streams across OTT TV environment. Our technologies bridge TV providers, advertisers and brands and allow easily launch of efficient marketing campaigns via OTT.

  • SPB TV Ad Expert provides a transparent tracking system of in-stream TV commercials and monitors the amount of ad impressions in linear TV streams. Now, advertisers and brands can know exactly how many times each commercial was shown and how many people saw it via OTT.

  • Detect
  • Insert
  • Analyse
  • Monetize
  • Broadcast ads detection

    SPB TV has developed its own ads detection technology that allows recognizing and tracking commercials within the television stream. SPB TV transforms audio and video to text, and then sends this data to the SPB TV NLP-platform for further processing and defining identical fragments. SPB TV accurately defines starting and ending points of the commercial units.

  • In-steam ad replacement

    Knowing the exact ad location, SPB TV removes the commercials and inserts new accurately selected ads. The ad replacement is carried out on the streaming server and applies to all connected screens, including mobile, desktop and TV, and ensures an uninterrupted TV viewing experience to users.

In-Stream Ad Insertion for the Channel One

  • SPB TV Ad Expert seamlessly replaces an existing advertisement within the Channel One stream to commercials selected by the National Service Company.

  • This collaboration ensures new audience and advertising revenues for the TV channel, higher returns and precise targeting for advertisers, and relevant ads for SPB TV viewers.

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Targeted Banners and Videos

The uniqueness of SPB TV solution is that together with ad replacement technologies, SPB TV provides the actual ads. SPB TV operates the advertising network placing the targeted ads into its own end-user TV service, as well as in partner projects.

SPB TV collects detailed information about user profiles and provides targeting parameters for highly-effective promotional campaigns. The platform also breaks down analytics on behavior patterns and interests, offering targeting so accurate it can pin point a small group of people – even one individual user.

Ads Performance Analytics

Our business analytics tools allow us to gather complete information about viewers’ tastes, habits and references. With this data advertisers understand where and when their ads reach their best performance. Thus, advertisers can compare “viewability” with targeting parameters and improve their campaigns in real time.

Given the growing interest to video services in Runet, we have launched а unique and comprehensive product. We are sure that our audience will love the ...

Vitaly Studitskih, CEO of Amedia TV

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ComNews Awards 2020: Digital Technologies Against COVID-19 Best Digital Entertainment Solution (TV and Media). Winner

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