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Create your own OTT TV or video service together with SPB TV. Give your audience what they value most: high quality content and the freedom to select when and where to watch it.

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For Telcos

Bring ‘smarter’ and more valuable service to your subscribers – offer them the ultimate entertainment – an OTT TV service with multi-screen reach. With SPB TV on board, you can leverage your network infrastructure and optimize your current OTT-investments. Offer your subscribers the instant access to the content seamlessly flowing across time, location and device.

For Content Providers

Expand the scope of your video services and reach more subscribers by delivering media content across all screens, including mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and TVs. OTT TV brings revolutionary opportunities to increase the amount of time that people spend watching linear TV channels and video on demand. Targeted video ads and promotional offers ensure monetization of the content.

For Advertisers

Advertisers today appreciate tools that enable them to address a well-defined target group with relevant targeted messages. The OTT TV format includes redistribution of video content by request of the individual viewer. SPB TV business-analysis technologies allow for the gathering of complete information about viewers, their tastes, preferences and habits. Using this data and the innovative SPB TV Ad Expert, advertisers can deliver customized or even personalized commercials to their audience.

Launch Your OTT TV with SPB TV

The SPB TV team with its extensive expertise in delivering OTT TV solutions will assist you in selecting the deployment option to best suit your business needs and balancing the speed of roll out with the required investments.

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"To implement the project and guarantee the quality of the playback, we needed a credible ..."

Lavrov A.S., CEO of Content Union LLC

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