01 / July / 2020

Easy way to understand what a viewer wants to watch

Developing a content policy can be a hard task. How to understand viewer’s needs and secret wishes? What will the user watch and re-watch? How to keep them engaged?

Easy way to understand what a viewer wants to watch

This time we decided not to reinvent the wheel. Actually, there are places where people tell about their preferences even if you don’t ask it: social media.

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and a dozen popular resources more give clear notion about what people do like.

The statistic given demonstrates internet users’ cups of tea. Sure, we are not telling you to build your whole content policy on this humble numbers, but it’s a nice tool to check if your TV service is appealing to most viewers. We suggest some pieces of content that would be a nice addition to every media resource library.


Food and cooking is something that connects people around the world. Even if someone isn’t a great cook, it doesn’t mean that he or she can’t enjoy watching Anthony Bourdain: No reservations or Jamie’s ministry of food shows (that are travelling shows also). Sure there are multiple funny and heart-warming movies as Chef or Hundred-foot journey and, of course, impressing documentaries as, for example The sugar.

Fitness and Sports

This is obviously important section: wellness and fitness is being popular since 80s, though changed a lot; and sports have the most abundant audience. How to please them? Show more sports, different competitions in different kinds of sports, live broadcasts, of course.

Tech and social media

There are so many serials, movies and shows about technology and science, about geeks, about media – you just need to pick some. IT crowd or Big Bang TheorySilicon Valley or Mr. Robot?

Also there are some options like The joy of Tech where the hosts put the world's top gadgets to the test; or On the Spot that is a weekly show about the videogame industry (and it also fits for sports section).


That is an understandable joy (especially now) to watch someone exploring the hidden or well-known corners of the world. There are some iconic shows like Long Way Round with Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman riding their motorbikes from London all the way around the world through Europe, Russia, Mongolia, crossing the Bering strait and through Canada and the US. Another classical piece is Planet Earth, a groundbreaking natural history show narrated by Sir David Attenborough. The World According to Jeff Goldblum isn’t so popular but has really exciting approach that certainly will engage a viewer.


Music is easy to add to a TV service: it may be some iconic concert record or an inspiring movie like Whiplash, some musicals as The Phantom of the Opera or Cats. Moreover you can add some audio content or a musical channel. All you will need is a flexible CMS system, like SPB TV Rosing platform has.

It is okay and useful to revise you service’s content library and add some obviously popular themes or collections. We are sure it may help you to gain new subscribers and involve existing ones.