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22 / August / 2013

Best of the best: Evroset, Amedia and SPB TV present the world’s top-rated series.

Best of the best: Evroset, Amedia and SPB TV present the world’s top-rated series.

15th August 2013, Moscow, Russia. Evroset has launched the sales of the Dune HD Set-Top Boxes (STB) integrated with the new Amediateka service offering access to the best series and movies top-rated by IMDB (Internet Movie Database) and produced by the world’s leading studios (HBO, FOX, Warner, SONY, Disney etc.).

At the time of this publication, the price of a Dune Set-Top Box in Evroset is 5,790 RUR. The price includes 6 months’ subscription for the Amediateka service.

The Set-Top Boxes with the Amediateka inside are now available at the Evroset internet store. Free delivery is offered in Moscow and Moscow region. Pre-order delivery to the other cities is also available.

The Set-Top Boxes are produced on the base of the popular compact media player model Dune HD TV-102 that ensures comfortable viewing of TV channels and media files. The device supports most of actual digital formats – streamed and loaded from the Internet, as well as formats for hard-drives, such as Blu-ray, DVD and CD.

SPB TV, in partnership with Amedia company, has augmented the new Dune Set-Top Box with the Amediateka service which previously was only available on PCs and mobile devices connected to the Internet. Now the access is possible via a common TV-set with the Dune HD Set-Top Box. The SPB TV solution supports video delivering and displays the interface of Amediateka on the screens of many TV-sets and Smart TV models*. A regular remote control can be used to access the interface. SPB TV provides full technical support of the service.

Users of the Dune Set-Top Box can watch all the Amediateka series and films on Amedia 1, Amedia 2, and Amedia Premium TV channels.

These TV channels broadcast products of the world’s industry leaders such as HBO, Showtime, CBS, FOX, Warner, SONY, Disney, Starz. The list that, overall, includes over 50 popular titles, features The Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, Newsroom, Homeland, Girls, True Blood, Carrie Diaries, Shameless.

The new-and-upcoming series and new films will be aired in Russia immediately after their release in the USA – already dubbed into the Russian language. Subtitled versions are also stored in the archive. The Amediateka service is available everywhere within Russia.


* The STB is connected to Smart TVs and the latest models of TV-sets via HDMI. The connection to traditional models is via video/audio analog input. The Internet connection is currently supported by cable only.

About the Amediateka

AMEDIATEKA.RU is the Internet platform offering access to the Amedia channels. Besides online-broadcasted channels, users may access any film, series or program from the archive, either dubbed or subtitled. New series and films in dubbed versions are aired immediately after their release in the USA. The service does not depend on any cable operator. The internet subscription is available for 229 rubles per month via any standard browser on all PCs and mobile devices. The advanced app for iOS and Android offers additional functions including the recommendation service. The Amediateka service was launched in June 2013.

Amedia 1 («Classics») – is a free channel featuring earlier seasons of popular series and films, never screened in Russia before.

Amedia 2 («Russian Hits») – is a free basic channel which previously featured in the cable TV packages as Amedia. The channel broadcasts best Russian series.

Amedia Premium («Best Series of the Planet») – is a premium channel. The subscription is supported by cable and satellite operators. The channel is positioned as an independent premium package. The subscription price for cable and satellite users is 99 rubles per month. Amedia Premium Chanel broadcasts new series and films by its international partners: HBO, Showtime, CBS, FOX, Warner, SONY, Disney, Starz. The release is almost simultaneous with the world premieres, with the delay of no more than one day. Best movies by the famous directors, new documentaries, live broadcasts of various events are also available.

Evroset is one of the biggest Russian retailers on the market of mobile connection and electronics, portable devices, accessories, and financial services. The company operates over five thousand retail units in more than 1,500 cities and villages of Russia and Byelorussia. Evroset is the largest non-food network in Russia according to the Best Retail 2010 list (by its profitability index, EBITDA, and net profit efficiency); it is the leader of the Reputation 2010 professional rating, laureate of the Absolute Brand 2011 Awards, of the Fifth International EMEA Channel Academy 2013 Awards (nomination ‘Retailer of the year in Russia and CIS’), of the Effie Russia 2012 Awards (the Silver Prize), of the Consumer Rights and Quality Service 2013 Awards (nomination ‘Retail sales. Communication stores’). Founded in 1997, Evroset is now one of the biggest Russian companies with nearly 30,000 employees.

The Amedia Film Company is one of the leading producers of TV movies and series in Russia, its best-known products are Bednaya Nastya, Moya Prekrasnaya Nyanya, Ne Rodis Krasivoy, Tatyanin Den, Montecristo, Zakrytaya Shkola etc.; laureate of the TAFI National TV Awards in many nominations. The company has built a 16-pavilion studio complex in the centre of Moscow. In 2011, the company has launched the Amedia TV channel that features its own productions.

SPB TV is one of the world’s leading providers of end-to-end OTT TV, IP TV and mobile TV solutions for video content delivery to multi-screen devices: mobile, tablet, desktop and TV. SPB TV solutions are integrated by the largest mobile operators, including MTS, Beeline, MegaFon, StarHub, BSNL and other device manufacturers and content owners around the world. SPB TV is a winner of many prestigious awards in multiple categories, including CSI Awards, TV Technology Europe STAR Awards, Russian Mobile VAS Awards, Mobile Entertainment Awards, Google Developer Challenge etc. SPB TV mobile TV app – the company’s own OTT TV service – is available across all mobile platforms and numbers more than 20 million users worldwide.

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