Virtual Reality and 360° video

VR and 360 video captivate viewers’ attention putting the person at the center of action. With SPB TV, you can embrace new opportunities and deliver immersive experience to your TV viewers at the click of a button.

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  • Together with immense prospects VR and 360° video bring new business challenges. How to deliver VR to end-users? How to monetize 360 video? In SPB TV we are ready for your venturesome TV ideas.

  • SPB TV Rosing is able to process and broadcast heavy content, regardless of network limitations. With SPB TV, both live and recorded 360° video are smoothly delivered to smartphones, computers, set-top boxes and Smart TVs.

  • Live and Video Content
  • Pyramid Geometry
  • Over 4G
  • VR-glasses Support

SPB TV for VR and 360° Video Delivery

The set of technologies for 360° video delivery includes software transcoding, content delivery network, video player and SPB TV’s framework Genie. For linear content, SPB TV developed a unique format of video compression that saves images in original quality without significant traffic increase.

360° Live Streaming

With VR technologies, it’s easier to capture viewers. Keys to high engagement are image quality and data transferring speed. Together with Auto24 we deliver live and recorded 360° video over the Internet including mobile 4G networks.

  • Traffic Optimization

    SPB TV Astra transforms heavy 360° video in 8k format to 18 separate adaptive video streams (parts of the pyramid) and reduces the channel load up to 5 Mbps.

    Adaptive Pyramid

    To prevent significant traffic increase SPB TV wraps 360 video in adaptive pyramid projection. This approach efficiently comprises high data volume into the current bandwidth, including mobile networks.

  • Crisp images

    SPB TV smoothly reallocates the quality of the stream focusing on the vision zone and seamlessly blurring out the blind ones. Thus, viewers always see video in the highest possible quality.

    VR in Advertising

    Virtual Reality will transform advertisements from an annoying element to valuable content viewers want to interact with. The VR environment gives the feel of the product. Viewers will be able to see the product from every angle and start virtual shopping.

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