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Bring your live and on-demand TV channels to the users worldwide through the SPB TV end-user services. With SPB TV, content owners can reach a new audience via any Internet connected device: mobile, TV and PC.

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  • Your TV channels and on-demand content can be delivered to millions of SPB TV users worldwide through our unique content publishing platform. It features an advanced content directory and intuitive search options for our vast list of channels and videos.

  • SPB TV ensures stable broadcasting and protection of your content, as well as supports different business models, such as SVOD, TVOD, EST, and AVOD. With SPB TV, you will be able to reach your ROI and maximize profit through the placement of accurately targeted ads.

  • Global reach
  • Premium Content Protection
  • Subscriptions and Advertising
  • Reporting and Extensive Statistics

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For Content Owners and Broadcasters

SPB TV enables content owners to distribute live and on-demand TV channels to multi-screen and multi-platform devices, reaching new audiences. SPB TV supports different business models and multiple package options allowing media companies to create the most effective channels mix and increase the subscribers’ engagement.

Monetize with Advertising

SPB TV Ad Expert allows us to produce TV ads that are as efficient as the programmatic advertising. Our multi-screen capabilities mean you have the option to send any message through multiple devices. SPB TV supports video and banner advertising formats and numerous parameters for precise targeting.

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"Today everyone wants to be mobile and have a constant ubiquitous access to the information he ..."

Mikhail Kovalchuk, CEO of “Signal Media”, official VGTRK channels distributor

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Big Digit 2018 Best Platform for IP TV & OTT TV. Winner


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