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Bee TV

Bee TV is Beeline Kazakhstan’s multiplatform OTT service that gives access to a wide range of TV channels, films and TV shows via WiFi, mobile and broadband networks. The service is available on mobile iOS and Android devices through user-friendly applications, and on web at website.

Beeline Kazakhstan is one of the largest telecommunications and Internet service providers of the country. It selected SPB TV as a reliable and expert partner to provide a comprehensive end-to-end OTT solution that would enrich the user experience of their existing TV service. This upgrade is made of new features, seamless UI, and it ensures a consistent service that provides the best possible video quality and stability with a growing user base.

Bee TV

Beeline Kazakhstan is a part of VEON, a huge international telecommunications holding.  In Kazakhstan, Beeline is one of the top players of the market. It provides voice and data services through mobile and fixed networks, and had over 9 million subscribers by the end of 2016.  These last years, the company focused on expanding its 4G network to all regions of the country, and on providing its subscribers high-quality value-added services.

Beeline Kazakhstan was looking for a reliable, user-friendly OTT solution that would help expand its existing TV service. The solution had to handle the growing user base, increase the user retention by ensuring high quality video streams, have intuitive UI and flexible subscription models, and be integrated into the Beeline billing service. Beeline Kazakhstan selected SPB TV to successfully roll out the renewed OTT service.

SPB TV provided a full end-to-end solution, based on its Rosing media platform, which includes multi-rate transcoding of live and on-demand video streams for multiscreen devices, adaptive streaming, comprehensive set of middleware services, and compelling interfaces for end-user devices.

The existing service required additional server capacities that the SPB TV team deployed in Beeline’s data center in Kazakhstan. SPB TV experts ensured seamless replacement of the existing service onto the SPB TV Rosing platform, and zero-loss migration of the 10 000 active viewers in the shortest possible time. The new platform enriched the service with time-shift,  catch-up TV and personal profiles – key features to stay competitive in a mature market.

The service was integrated into Beeline’s billing system, allowing the operator to include subscriptions to any bundle or mobile package. It is also possible to offer highly flexible subscription options to users, like combining TV and on-demand content in one subscription, providing trial access to content, or establishing various payment periods, from a day to one month. The solution also enables the integration of third-party services, so BeeTV offers access to the online cinema Megogo as one of its packages.

To enable Beeline marketers to collect and analyze data about subscribers and their viewing behavior, SPB TV provides a comprehensive set of middleware tools, which includes content management and customer relationships systems, user statistics and business intelligence.

The new BeeTV offers its users all the most important OTT TV features:

  • Multi-screen availability
  • Live TV and VOD content
  • Intuitive and user-friendly UI
  • Flexible subscription options
  • Personal profiles
  • Favorite and selected content
  • Catch-up TV
  • Time-shifting
  • EPG for two weeks
  • Integration with Megogo
  • Integration with social networks
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