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Beeline TV

Beeline Uzbekistan (LLC Unitel) is a part of the international telecommunication services holding VEON. In Uzbekistan, Beeline is the largest mobile and landline provider, with over 10 million subscribers. It is one of the few Uzbekistan telecom services operators that make access to 4G/LTE network available in the country. Over the past years Beeline has been steadily expanding its range of 4G/LTE network coverage; this standard is already available in more than 20 cities in Uzbekistan.

In order to enrich user experience and expand the range of services provided, in 2018 Beeline opted for launching the first full-fledged OTT TV service in the country. To do that, Beeline contracted to SPB TV the task of providing a comprehensive and reliable end-to-end OTT solution. To ensure the successful launch of the service, SPB TV experts set up a separate data-center. The need for additional server capacities was conditioned by a number of reasons, including the country’s challenging terrain that impedes the network performance and poor infrastructure: according to the Speedtest Global Index, Uzbekistan ranks 126th out of 136 countries on the mobile internet speed and 130th out of 177 countries on the fixed broadband speed.

The scalable solution is based on SPB TV Rosing platform that includes all that is necessary to start the OTT TV service, including a comprehensive set of middleware tools, own CDN, and client applications. The service is integrated into Beeline’s billing system.

Beeline TV multi-platform service is available as an application for mobile devices running on Android and iOS, on the web at, and on smart TVs. The service supports multiple user profiles under one account, which is convenient for managing family viewing, TV channel preview, time-shifting and catch-up TV, adjusting the video quality in mobile applications, parental control, and interactive EPG with the ability to set reminders.

Beeline TV

Beeline does not charge TV and video traffic from the Beeline TV application. To get access to the content, subscribers only need to register using their Beeline phone number. The registered users may have a free trial access for a limited period of time or may choose from a number of flexible subscription options, daily or monthly. Users can cancel their subscription at any time.

Based on the subscription plan chosen, Beeline subscribers have access to free TV channels, exclusive videos and concerts by national performers, live recordings of national theater productions, huge collection of cartoons and programs for children, as well as tons of best foreign movies and TV shows, as Beeline TV provides access to ivi and Amediateka, the largest online cinemas in Russia.

Promotion and development of local content is a significant effect of the new OTT TV service. Beeline TV offers new opportunities both to TV viewers who have for the first time ever gained access to various types of national TV and video content provided at high quality on any screen, and to Uzbek performers and producers who have acquired a new important platform for artistic expression. Beeline expects progressive increase in demand and visibility of the new OTT TV service in Uzbekistan with the further development of the country’s infrastructure.

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